Saturday, August 6, 2016

Slender Self-effacing beauties

We require Coriander almost every day-The Need. Coriander is a fussy herb to grow-The Challenge.
And I have the habit of sowing seeds every single day.At least one seed every day- The Passion.

This Passion met that Need and took the Challenge head-on.
That is the genesis of this idea -to keep Coriander seeds handy and go about broadcasting one or two seeds in every pot, every morning after watering the plants.

The result: We get at least two sprigs of Coriander every day from our OTG nowadays. Saved us the trouble of looking for pots to sow Coriander every, now and then. One or two seeds in every pot do not compete with the main plant too.

The same technique may work well for any herb/green with a short life cycle. So, natural pest repellant Methi or Fenugreek is a close contender for this arrangement.
I have been broadcasting coriander seeds rather randomly around other plants.No complaints. However, have realised that sowing seeds around the edge of the planter ensure better yield as the water drains out well around the edge making it conducive for delicate herbs like Coriander and Fenugreek.

It is a visual treat too!

The advantages of this kind of broadcasting are:

- Takes care of space/planter constraints

- Ensures perennial supply of herbs

- Most herbs are natural pest repellants

- Takes care of OCD related to sowing

I did try this with Pudina and Tulasi ( Basil) too, which are good as they are natural pest repellants. But they grew wild and overpowered the main plant.

Coriander and Methi ( fenugreek) the slender self-effacing beauties are capable of many delectable avatars:

Aloo methi, Methi dal tadka, Methi Roti, fresh coriander sprigs in Rasam and Salads !

Can't wait to try this technique, is it not?

Just make sure to split the coriander seeds before sowing as they are dicotyledons. Sprouting can be hastened by soaking Coriander and Methi seeds overnight.