Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy Harvests

It is the lone Potato somedays. A small bunch of Palak on other days. Two hundred grams of  Beans, Three Brinjals, Quarter kilogram of  Broad Beans or a Bonanza of a kilogram of  Tomato on many days.

Quite a few days we harvest seeds. And every 45 days we harvest black gold or compost from our kitchen waste.

Compost harvest

4 pots of black gold
The happiness with each harvest and the contentment with the yield is the same  be it vegetables,seeds or compost.

It is never about the quantity of harvest or yield. It is the promise of each seed that showed up.

Here are a few harvest pictures, that never fail to inspire me on no-harvest days to keep calm and garden on.
Palak seeds

Seed Harvest

For my pooja...