Monday, June 29, 2015

Rain Excuse

I love the rainy season for no one particular reason, but many.The water-washed sight of the plants with a pervasive earthy smell after the rains are something to live for.

After the rains 

Suncatcher ...

Just bathed 

Fully drenched.

That droplet !!!

I  hate the rains just as much as it forces me to do other household chores that I would have postponed or avoided totally under the excuse of watering my plants.

Only a passionate hater- of- household- chores and garden lover can understand that.

I don't find any other activity as riveting and therapeutic as watering the plants.It lets me connect and converse with each and every plant. That is when I discover a new leaf,  a hidden bud, a flower with a promise of fruit, or a fruit that I missed harvesting.

If I get lucky, I spot some lovely insects and butterflies too. Many times I wonder if I love my plants more or pests more.
Preying Mantis..
There are days when the harvest is just a single Tomato and a few springs of Coriander or a lone-Potato.Some other days we harvest seeds that hold hope and promise of a future.Once in three months a bagful of black gold or compost! A few other days pass by with just some good photo opportunities.

No complaints, as there are many days when we can afford an entirely organic menu with the harvests of the day.

The effort and yield are never proportionate.But where passion guides our purpose there is no place for such measures and formulae.

Mother nature reveals abundance in more ways than one that brings a smile while I garden on.